Foods To Avoid When Pregnant?

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Foods To Avoid When Pregnant - If you don’t know what foods to avoid when pregnant then you are putting yourself and your unborn child at RISK – fact.

Most women do not understand the importance of a healthy pregnancy diet and therefore put themselves and their child in unnecessary danger. Not only that but a well put together pregnancy diet will make the pregnancy process a lot easier.
It will reduce nasty side effects dramatically meaning you can ACTUALLY enjoy the wonders of pregnancy…

Knowing what foods to avoid when pregnant is vital and for this I recommend What To Eat While Pregnant.

Created by health and nutritional expert Isabel De Los Rios (creator of one of the most successful dietary programs of all time too) What To Eat While Pregnant will teach you everything you need to know about enjoying a healthy pregnancy diet. Not only will it show you foods to avoid when pregnant it will show you exactly what you should eat when pregnant which is arguably more important…

To put it simply – what Isabel De Los Rios does not know about pregnancy foods really is not worth knowing!

Being a mother herself Isabel teaches the exact same principles of pregnancy that she used herself so you can rest assured you are getting the absolute best information available!

Here is exactly what you’ll learn:

  • Foods to avoid when pregnant – you’ll find out exactly what foods put you and your child at risk!
  • Foods that you MUST eat when pregnant – foods that help you and your baby prosper better than any other
  • Foods that will relieve you of distress – it is easier than you think to free yourself of the nasty side affects!
  • Foods to help the baby grow to its full potential – literally guarantee yourself a healthy baby
  • Foods that will allow you a fast and easy delivery – not many people know food affects this but it DOES
  • Whilst her book is still one of the internet’s best kept secrets it should be regarded as a must own for pregnant women because to be honest without really knowing what you’re eating, you’re at risk and a big one at that…

Know What Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

More Foods To Avoid When Pregnant And Drinks

Following on from our first article on foods to avoid when pregnant lets take a closer look at some of the more obvious foods you should avoid. Even if you’re pretty sure you know what to avoid already it is best to read through just to be safe. If you’re currently consuming any of these things then cut them out…now!


By now we should all know the dangers of caffeine. We all enjoy our morning coffee or our evening bottle of coke but we know full well it is not doing us any good. Despite the fact it stains your teeth and causes general havoc with your metabolism it has also been associated with low birth weights. This is certainly one of the more riskier substances you can consume whilst pregnant and you should avoid it at all costs.


Again, we are all aware of the effects alcohol and smoking has on our bodies when we’re not pregnant so obviously if you intake either alcohol or cigarettes whilst pregnant your going to be doing yourself and your baby harm.

Drinking and smoking whilst pregnant has proved fatal for many and has been the cause of many unhealthy child births over the years. Whilst the actual side affects of doing this is unclear (because there are so many) it should go without saying that alcohol and smoking will have detrimental effects on your child so just don’t do it no matter how tempting it is.

Raw & Undercooked Meat

Something that we should all look out for anyway but becomes more of a necessity when pregnant, undercooked meats. If you’ve ever suffered from food poisoning you will know exactly how damaging eating undercooked meat can be and when you’re pregnant the risk only increases.

Undercooked meats contain all sorts of dangers like salmonella, coliform bacteria and toxoplasmosis which are all very very dangerous to you and your baby.

MSG (A.K.A Mono Sodium Glutamate)

MSG is an ingredient that is being increasingly used by manufacturers of food. So much so that it is now very difficult to know what it is in and what it isn’t. Make sure you always check the box for this ingredient as it is more commonly found in foods where its added to alter the taste a touch.

MSG is not that likely to trouble your baby but it will not do anything nice for you. Headaches, nausea, dizziness and vomiting are all side effects of MSG and none of them are pleasant.


As you can see the foods to avoid when pregnant are plentiful. This is a fairly extensive list and we are probably on talking about a fraction of the foods that you should avoid. If you really want your baby to be healthy then seek advice from someone who knows and stick to a pregnancy diet that you know will help you, and your baby.

Top Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

If you’re pregnant then you probably don’t need telling that now is a vital time to take an interest in your diet and look into what you’re eating and its effects. Eating a healthy diet when pregnant is important not only for the baby, but for you as well. By simply eating the correct foods you can take a lot of stresses and side effects away from pregnancy straight away.

Eat the correct foods and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of being pregnant more than most. Eat the wrong food and chances are the next few months are going to feel like years. Get your diet right so you and your baby can prosper!

Foods To Avoid When Pregnant Part 1

Junk Food

Junk food is okay in moderation but it is never going to do your body any good at all. You will be getting no real quality from the likes of chocolate, chips, fast food etc so be sure to avoid this type of food as best you can. They include a large salt and sugar dosage which is going to make you feel very lethargic if you consume a lot. Also, a lot of these foods contain synthetic Vitamin A which has a lot of toxins – not good!


A lot of seafood is fine to eat but make sure you check before you consume any. If you’re not a huge fan of seafood anyway then it might be best to rule it out completely to be on the safe side. Seafood contains a high volume of mercury, a substance which is not all that healthy. Foods to look out for in particular in this category are swordfish, mackerel and certain types of shark.

High amounts of mercury have known to damage the babies nervous system so it is definitely something to watch out for. On the plus side there is fish available that can be hugely beneficial to you and your baby. Just make sure you check the mercury levels and ask around first.

Trans Fats

More commonly seen in calorific snacks and prepackaged meals trans fats are something that you want to avoid all the time. They do you no good what so ever and won’t do anything but harm your baby. Whilst the consequence of eating this type of food probably won’t be significa.



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